Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project: 'Tis The Season To Shop Local

We are all going to do it at some point and time this season. Maybe we’ll try to avoid the masses by filling our online carts. Maybe we’ll send a loved one out on Christmas Eve. Either way, 'Tis the season to shop local. And here are

5 Reasons Why It Matters Where You Pull Your Wallet Out:

1. You will be supporting an independently locally owned and operated business - you know, those charming mom and pop shops that line the sidewalks or maybe those empires that bear the last name of the town’s founders - those taxes are re-invested back into your community.

2. You will be supporting the successful employment rate in your community and create energy among farms, organizations, schools and families for continual development.

3. You will become more than a tourist location, recognized as an economically sustainable community.

4. You will make a valuable purchase not just a reasonable purchase. (And will be valued as a customer more, too.) Shopping local encourages the wellbeing of every hand involved from owner to conceptualization, to the manufacturer, to the salesperson to the purchaser to the person receiving the gift. And you are responsible for that.

5. You will have proprietary rights. You are not shopping from a chain or Fortune 500 company; therefore shopping from someone that represents a unique and distinguished brand.

Scotch tape, a roll of wrapping paper a spool of ribbon or two. These things are important. But when you get ready to double check your list, make sure you check off these five things. Stay Local. Shop Local.

Happy Thanksgiving,

-The Green Couch Project  

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