Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project: The Pinky Promise

There is a time and place for stop signs, and that is when they prevent us from harm and protect our health.

However, when we have a purpose in life, there’s a time we have to overcome the personal stop sign that keeps hindering us from achieving the next step to success – however we may define it.

So we as The Green Couch Project created an initiative: Whether we are speaking to ourselves or proclaiming them to the world, allowing ourselves to become vulnerable publicly, it shows a certain strength. It proves that we all have our weaknesses, and we have something we are striving towards and refuse to back down from – we will not stop at the stop sign.

By sharing this, we are making a proclamation. We are letting others know what is going on in our lives, challenging others to see that nothing will stop us from our dreams. We are asking them to hold us accountable along that journey by joining their pinky in the pinky promise!

•    Download And Print It
•    Red Ink It, So It Can Be Read
•    Snapshop A Selfie
•    Upload It To Social Media
•    #SpillYourGutsy

-The Green Couch Project

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