Thursday, February 18, 2016

Project: How to Capture Your Ideas and Capitalize on Them

The brain is an organ with mysteries and untapped resources. But it’s also like a muscle. The more we use it, the more we exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

But no matter how much we expand the fortitude of our brain, if we exercise it, if we push it to its limits but never harvest from its bounty, why then put ourselves through the rigorous reps – whatever method we use to gain information – reading, traveling, seminars. We are absorbing; our brain is expanded but our mind is constricted with potential.

Your brain is big. Your ideas are too. The next time one pops in your mind let it pop on paper:

Write it down. Immediately. You always think you’ll remember it in an hour, in a day. You won’t. Even if you take notes on an app on your phone, don’t trust your battery. Try to carry around a pocket-sized notebook and keep one on your night stand, too. Not only is jotting down the idea cathartic, but equally so getting it down on a piece of tangible paper.

Give yourself a deadline. Once you express your big idea, break it down in bullet points or baby steps. Then give yourself a deadline to realistically accomplish the first task. The big idea is a beautiful picture but the more you face it the more you’ll be struck by analysis paralysis. Therefore, it’s vital you evaluate the project, your schedule and your capabilities. And then take in consideration this is a big idea – so you need to double dose your risk-taking factor.

Have an accountability partner. It’s okay if you don’t have a prototype, a slideshow presentation, a logo or a business plan put together. You can share as much or little as possible. Just have someone you trust to keep you on track.

Be open to detours. Whether you’re off schedule, flying off the handle because you can’t take one more failed attempt or people giving your idea the brush off, don’t give up on your idea. Just be open to taking your idea to another level. Reevaluate. Be open to suggestions while always being true to your idea.

Maybe reading this has given you an idea. Untapped what you thought others might not understand. And they won’t. Because it’s YOUR idea. So it’s your job to help them understand. To bring it to life. To give it a name, a personality.

-The Green Couch