Thursday, May 19, 2016

Project: Thinking Inside The Box

Every once in a while complacency sets in the marrow of a company’s bone structure. Things become stagnant, infecting everyone’s ability, forethought and desire to progress. While the same stellar work may still exist and be executed, the evolution of the company does not exist. If you are not moving, you are not growing and by default you are receding. It is happening to you right now. You have to make the conscious decision whether or not you will move forward or make no effort.

This was the case in an unknown company during an unspecific time (circa 1970s-80s). Content managers took the decade by subtle storm and told companies to think differently. To think outside the box. It started simply with a pencil and nine dots. This puzzle required you to link dots with four straights lines – or fewer – without lifting your pen or tracing the same line more than once. While it contained basic lateral thinking, the deeper significance of the exercise encouraged participants to speculate what else they could accomplish mentally despite pre-established restrictions. What other areas at work could they reintroduce creative thinking just by thinking outside the often self-imposed box of limitation?

Once teams start to implement this mindset, to look at situations from merely the instruction manual’s what is to what could be, the joie de vivre of a company is reinstated, and the growth is capitalized. Perhaps not always in numbers but in spirit, which is always the forerunner to any financial prosperity.

Since the ‘70s, many companies and innovators have introduced ways to think differently; to think outside of the box. Through technology and processes, leaders and work cultures are constantly shifting their methods of operation for the better. By 2005, content managers stepped in yet again after realizing all this collaborative creative thinking outside the box was beginning to get lost in translation.

The larger your team and the bigger your idea, the easier it can be to lose its security both in integrity and in safety. Sometimes all it takes is one precious thought or picture that you want to seemingly immortalize in the technological era. So a couple of guys wondered, what if you as an individual or industry could think outside the box but keep everything boxed up?  

What started as a college program soon turned into a critical cloud storage accessible to team members all over the world. Pictures, documents, comments, notes. All secure, all boxed up while still coming from leading visionaries in the creative industry.

This pragmatic approach to content sharing in the cloud is more than just security. Interactive, international; when it seems our idea or proposal is too new, it’s an opportunity to share ideas across the platform with a sense of anonymity.

The more you utilize it, however, – both cloud sharing and creativity – the less your desire to hide your contributions will exist. Go big with creativity and box it up!

Free up your desktop, your mind, your team and evolve your company by allowing technology to take care of your creativity.

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-The Green Couch