Thursday, June 11, 2015

Project: The Nation Starts In Your Neighborhood

In the last week, the nation has come together in solidarity. Not once but several times. And that’s just the times we have been able to catch.

What are we talking about? National Days.

  • We took note of National Running Day
  • Salivated over National Donut Day
  • And stopped to appreciate those around us during National Best Friend Day

But there are national days for everything anymore.

  • National Lefthanders Day
  • National Punch The Clock Day
  • National Eggs Benedict Day
  • And. So. Many. More.

These may sound silly. But a nation at large is made up of individuals; of lefthanders; of people struggling to get up in the morning; of people at small mom and pop diners waiting to welcome you with your Eggs Benedict

To become a nation it takes each person at a time doing their job and perhaps all these seemingly inane holidays are just a way we pay tribute to those we take for granted and for ways we can let go –because remember International Panic Day is right around the corner.

Celebrating National starts in your neighborhood. And as a leader in your workspace and your community you have the power to make that happen. To celebrate a national holiday doesn’t mean you have to travel. It doesn’t mean you have to invest in all patriotic fanfare. It means you invest in your neighborhood. And celebrating national doesn’t mean you have to wait for Eggs Benedict Day. You can create your own. You can empower your town to rise above any negativity and ways to spotlight the individualism that makes the Google Map pinpoint on your town so special.

The nation is comprised of hundreds upon thousands of neighborhoods, and each one is kept alive through an economy of working people. It’s our job to ensure that these jobs can survive. Part of that survival is more than monetary. It’s office morale.

Sure, join the nation in solidarity in the occasional National Day celebration, but make every day worth celebrating in your community with your cause.

Happy National Hug Day,

The Green Couch

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