Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Project: Three E's To Simplify Your Entrepreneur Journey

Anyone who told you it would be easy did not try to simplify. Sometimes making it easier is the hardest thing. When you are too close to the painting it is hard to tell what it is supposed to be, so you need to take ten, twenty - sometimes even thirty steps - back before you can differentiate the smile and the dimple of Mona Lisa. All those brush strokes resemble the details of your life right now. You have 100 tasks going on, and that is just before noon. If only there were a system, some abracadabra Dr. Seuss system that could aid you.

However, it is just you and your team. Or is it? Take another ten steps back and guess what? Those brush strokes blend and voila! A masterpiece. It looks simple, right? It is orchestrated perfectly, and it flows naturally. Every color has it place.

You can only see it because you took a step back.

Moreover, it is time you did the same at work. It is time to simplify things at work. Here are a few ways you can begin so you can see and differentiate the dimple and smile of your Mona Lisa, whatever she may be:

 1) The Einstein:
“If you cannot explain it to a six-year-old, you do not understand it.”

We sarcastically use his name, “Thanks, Einstein,” when someone plays Captain Obvious, but one of the most intelligent men understood the power of a child’s mind and the simplicity of words.

You can tell just from his infamous crazy hair and projected tongue; he never let his ah ha's! stop him from his haha's!

Never sacrifice joy and passion for the pursuit of a successful career.

2) The Etiquette:
There was a time that you only bit into enough food that you could chew with three bites before you could swallow. That way if someone should ask you a question you could easily answer them, without appearing rude or appearing, well, you know stupid.

Apply that today. Break it down. Bullet points. Numbers. Power point. Whatever you have to, don’t be afraid to repeat yourself and highlight so others can digest.

3) The Engagement:
It has been remarked that there are four rings to marriage.

The Promise Ring, The Engagement Ring, The Wedding Ring and The Suffering. When it comes to business, you need to simplify things to ensure that you only ever have three rings. With yourself, your employees and clients. No matter whom you deal with, start with a promise, engage them and marry them. Just make sure they never suffer or regret you. The only way to ensure that is keeping things simple. Just like with any relationship, don’t complicate things. Communicate, and things should be a-oh-kay.

The way we keep it simple here is this: everything about us, is all about you. It is just that easy. Pen, pencil, keyboard; whatever method, your gutsy matters and this is your time, your place and your space. Ready. Set. Spill.

-The Green Couch

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