Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Project: Staying Grounded When You’re on The Top

The top. What does it look like to you? Is it a picturesque lifestyle that can be described in one sentence? One word? Does the top signify smooth sailing, carefree spending and minions (not of the Universal Pictures variety, of course)? Does the top look closer than ever to you?

Does the top signify success to you? Here're six tips on how to stay grounded and be yourself as you reach for the top this new year…

    Remember the people who helped get you there – It’s never a one-man show. There are people who believed in you, pushed you, pulled you…did whatever you required of them so you could be the best version of King/Queen of your hill.

    Constantly work towards another goal – While Journey may have beseeched us to never stop believing, it’s important to never stop achieving. At one point or another, we set up a goal for ourselves. Once achieving that, it’s integral not to stop there. Success is a journey. It’s not just an object or milestone. It’s progression. It’s different for everyone, but it doesn’t stay if we don’t keep moving.

    Create community togetherness – Find a second passion. Pursue something that feeds your heart while feeding the community and wellbeing of others. If you see a need, resolve it. Too big for you to fix? Collaborate with others who can help and you’ll plant roots deep enough that when you get to the top you have a lot of strength to pull from.

    Make room for others at the top – The things you do today, right now, heavily impact everyone around you. It’s not just engineers and inventors who influence the next generation’s trends; it’s the entrepreneurs and risk-takers. The risks you take, others will take after you. Ensure you are making not just bold decisions but decisions that will encourage the next generation to seek a path that has purpose.

    Live [and love] the everydayDon’t get caught up in the big picture so much that you miss out in the little details that matter most to living. Whether it’s breakfast, family vacations, movie nights, sports kick-off traditions, missing out on the downtime and watching others grow alongside you devalues the momentous rise of your own, making it much less significant.

    Reevaluate your top – Plans change. You can recalculate, reroute and make U-turns if you must, so long as they align with the above statements and fulfill your vision and heart. Give yourself a gut check every few years to ensure you are doing what you need to do to stay on the journey of success and find your way to your own version of the top. The top isn’t higher than everybody else. The top is beating your self-doubts and reaching many milestones.

Here’s to a happy and safe climb!  

-The Green Couch

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