Thursday, April 23, 2015

Project: Humble Pie Is Best Served Warm

So fresh out of the oven with a dollop of ice cream or real whip cream that it melts in your mouth.

That’s the way you eat a slice of dessert pie.

And that’s the only kind of pie we like to talk about. Because when it comes to humble pie we’d rather serve a slice of justice to others rather than have the tables turn and have a plate of humble pie serving staring us straight in the gut.

But we get in the way of life with our actions, and words and we make mistakes. Some of use more than others. The biggest mistake of all? Not owning up to them. And when you do that in a company, the negative consequences trickle down the pipeline and drastically alter morale, efficiency and ultimately the outward public presence.

Own up to your mistakes as soon as you notice them:

1) Apologize to those directly involved.

Here are the appropriate methods: In person, written letter and in an email. Don’t let time go in which misunderstandings, gossips, insubordination and bitterness can fester.

Your team morale depends on open dialogue and complete honesty.

2) Don’t be sorry; be different.

Be genuine. Don’t be “humble” and eat your pie just dbecause you’re caught.

Learn from this mistake and make it your priority to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Safeguard your company, whether it’s in your processes, HR enforced or routine pep talks.

3) Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew!

Ever attend a wedding ceremony and reception where the bride and groom express their love by feeding each other cake in a very unceremonious manner by smashing cake in one another’s face?

Well, a humble pie should never be indulged in such a manner. Whether you are forced to eat it or watch someone eat it, it can be a come-together moment for your company. When someone owns up to their faults and mistakes, they are allowing for complete transparency and vulnerability. Both of which are strengths, not weaknesses.

So, is there any pie that you need to eat, any people you need to talk to and any team morale that you need to build up?

-The Green Couch

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