Friday, March 20, 2015

Project: Pinterest Isn’t Just For DIY Projectors

Ever see that white P and think how Pinterest is so pinteresting? And that since its inception it has strategically developed to be more than a file/photo/data sharing site for DIY projectors?

So how can you use it to market and advance your business? Here are three topical tips on how you can tackle it:

1) Post what YOU’RE doing. In other words, upload pins. You have the power to create trends and determine what constitutes as the content/files that are shared in the 30+ categories. The stuff that everyone is re-pinning - it has to come from somewhere, right?

2) Think in color. Even if you’re a text heavy company and rely heavily on numbers, at least have a strongly inviting header that you can pin to invite others to your site. Make sure you always have some graphic that will visually stimulate others when you pin to your boards. If all else fails, the caption "Pin Now, Read Later" works.

3) Think outside the boardroom. Pinterest organizes not only by categories but gives you an opportunity to organize by giving you “boards.” Here you get to pin things too. Not only can you pin your curated materials, but pin others’ material; this is a great two-fold maneuver. 1) Others can see you are pinning their content. 2) By them seeing you are pinning their stuff, they are likely to follow your tracks and hopefully follow you. This is the beginning of a literally beautiful networking hub.

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-The Green Couch

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