Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project: Lori Greiner, The Shark Tank’s Chickstarter

Lori Greiner. A pretty simple name to remember. But over the years she’s acquired several more, earning a reputation as 1) Inventor, 2) Entrepreneur, 3) The Queen of QVC, 4) The Warm Blooded Shark and recently she divulged her secret power while on ABC. While many people turn to Kickstarter, people turn to her as The Chickstarter.

It is not hundreds, it is not thousands, it is millions of dollars of success that she can accredit to her name and to those with which she partners. Her formula?




And the inability to hear the word “No.”

While it is true a large percentage of people cannot say the word “No,” she will not hear the word “No.”

We’ve witnessed her saying, “And for that reason I am going to pass.”  In other words, NO!

However, the year she made her first millions, she did not back down; she did not stop. She was the whirlwind that defined Chicago as the windy city.

So sometimes that is what we have to do. We have to take the world by storm if we want to introduce our peers to our product and ideas. Neither they nor we may be ready for the turnout, but no is not an option.

Moreover, if we want to create a new name for ourselves, to always elevate our identity as an entrepreneur and add layers to our life, we need to speak with passion. Live with dedication and cultivate the ability to never hear the word, “No.”

Can you speak Shark Tank? What’s in your life that you are “…going to pass,” so you can pursue your real passion? Are people saying, “No” to you in life, when you know it is a “Yes”?

It is time to Chickstart your life!

-The Green Couch

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