Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Project: The Importance of Being Earnest

Yes, you are in the right place. We are still all about entrepreneurs spilling their risk taking gutsy, inspiring others to speak, follow and fulfill their dream.

(Meaning no, this is not IMDb. It is not a summary of Colin Firth’s 2002 RomCom 1890 period drama with the same title, The Important of Being Earnest.)

Today we are going to talk about being an earnest entrepreneur. What exactly is that - who is that- according to Webster's definition?

Here are three characteristics of an earnest person and the importance of them:

1.    Passionate: Recently we encountered young sibling entrepreneurs who shared this beyond their age advice, “Just realize it’s going to take longer than a day or week or a month to reach your goal.”

The Importance of Being Passionately Earnest: If it is your passion, does it matter how long it takes to pursue it [your goal]. Passion overrules impatience and nurtures a patient spirit.

2.    Diligent: Last week we spoke about dreams becoming reality when you turned your Saturdays into a work opportunity from home and explored the concept of, “What if your second job could be your passion and turn into a primary focus?”

The Importance of Being Diligently Earnest: One small startup step at a time until you are an entrepreneur puts everything into perspective. Diligence is the difference of between whether we are going to have three wheels or two.

3.    Purposeful: I heard a kind man with a loud voice once say (and then I repeatedly hit play), “Your why is what matters. Your why is what gets you up, gets you going. Your why.”

The Importance of Being Purposely Earnest: If it changes, when it changes, the WHY it changes, the reason behind your passion and your diligence determines your success and the road to success. Purpose is the language when your heart, soul and mind get gutsy and get things done. Nike gets it, do you? Just do it, right? Right!

So dear entrepreneur,

Be earnestly passionate.
Be earnestly diligent.
Be earnestly purposeful.

Because the importance of being earnest will overrule the impatience, helping you see the power of your dream, and it will put everything into perspective - it will always remind you of your why.

Now, why wouldn’t you want to be earnest?

-The Green Couch 

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